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Finish Fairy Quilting
Longarm Quilting Services

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I provide digital edge-to-edge, hand-guided free motion and custom quilting services.  I have a computerized Innova quilting machine with 12 foot rails. That means I can quilt your king size quilt up to 130" in width - and I can do small pieces too!

I see my job, as your quilter, to have my quilting compliment and enhance your quilt. I will work with you to choose a design that works well with your quilt and brings a texture and design aesthetic that compliments your patchwork.

When you book quilting, we can work together to choose a design, you can just tell me what you want, or you can leave it completely up to me. In addition, I typically choose a thread color to blend or match the lightest fabric in your quilt, but if you have a color preference, let me know!

If you'd like some different options, feel free to search the sites linked below. I will split the cost with you for what you choose. Make sure to search for edge-to-edge (E2E) to find the right type of pantograph.

Urban Elementz
Intelligent Quilting

Finally, you can also take inspiration from other projects I've quilted:

What kind of pantograph or free motion design would you like?

Unsure about a design choice?

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